Stacy and John Jorgensen

Regina with rescued leverets


Baby Jackrabbits


On January 7th 2001 I received a call from Stacy and John Jorgensen, of Queen Valley. As John walked their dog, they came upon and scared off a coyote in the act of killing a Jackrabbit. When John approached the fatally injured animal, he noticed the stomach was "moving". This was a very pregnant female and the babies were about to be born! Whether the coyote caught her because she was slowed by her condition or was in the process of giving birth will never be known. But what we do know is that John acted quickly and compassionately, and became a mid-wife to wildlife!

He helped to clear away the sac from the first two leverets (baby jacks) as they emerged, dried and kept them wrapped in his shirt. But the doe (female) was dying quickly and there were still unborn inside. So he performed a "C-Section"! The third leveret had some fluid in its lungs when they arrived here only five hours later. I was able to clear it and warm the little ones in preparation for their first meal. The doe died before they could nurse. But due to the Jorgensens' incredible concern and prompt action, there are now three healthy jackrabbits that will soon take their place in the wild.



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