Desert Cry Wildlife
Chewy Standing

HI My name is CHEWY

People ask if I am a cartoon rabbit, made up.
Heck no I lived here in Queen Creek, AZ for almost 12 years, just ask my Mom, Regina.

Regina's Babies
The day Chewy arrived with his two sisters

I loved having visitors.
I would jump around, sniff your hand or leg.
Folks could get real close to admire my huge ears and loooong slender legs.

But sadly, I got old and had to leave my physical body. But I am not gone. My spirit will always be here with my Mom and all the creatures she rescues at Desert Cry.

So read on...



A Day in the Life of Chewy

Oh that sun feels good! I love waking up with sun on my back. I live in an enclosure at Desert Cry Wildlife, Inc.

It's a refuge for animals that live in the Arizona desert as well as MANY other animals needing rescue.

I have room to hop around and can see the San Tan Mountains right across the street. The first and most important thing is breakfast. Everyone needs a good breakfast to get a jump on the day. Usually I hop around and stretch my legs for awhile. Then Regina shows up to make sure I have fresh food and water. Sometimes we share a banana before she goes on to feed the rest of the animals.

Outside there are... goats (they get lots of hay and grass), chickens (they get seed and pellets), the cottontail bunnies (they get pellets and hay) and, when they are not hibernating, the 3 Desert Tortoises get lots of fresh greens.


I know that there are bunny cousins and sometimes squirrels, inside the house that Regina takes care of, too. But, if she gets skunks, they have to stay outside!


Some of the animals have had bad injuries.

Two Bunnies
These two cottontail bunnies each had eye injuries

Many survive but cannot be set free again because they are left with disabilities & cannot take care of themselves in the wild. So Regina gives them a safe place to live out their lives.

I get a chance to show off all of my hopping skills when Regina comes and play tag. Then she sits with me for a short time. This is not often because she has so much work to do. She is a busy lady taking care of all of us and works hard to be sure we all have a clean, safe place to live. When the sun starts to go down we all know it is time for dinner. Again, Regina goes around feeds all of us. Then it is time for sleep....unless there are injured, sick and orphaned critters that need her attention. Then she stays up until all of them are cared for...No matter how late it is. But she will always be there the next day for our banana and breakfast.

Hi again. Chewy here, coming from the Rainbow Bridge. What is the Rainbow Bridge you ask? Click here: Rainbow Bridge

It's a beautiful place. I can see & hear everything from here. It is very nice but I miss My Mom.

Chewy Watching

I was sad to leave her that way. Here are some of the things She wrote for me:

Regina Kissing Chewy

It started just before Thanksgiving.
He sat in a corner and did not come for morning bananas.
Nor did he get up for evening greens...not until I approached him with my hand out.
Then I got a soft wuzzle before he got up and did a light spray and gentle butt wiggle.
No bounce in his binky, no interest in his oatmeal.
Then he seemed unsteady and had a hesitant gait.
So I scooped him up (no resistance, surrender, relief)
I bedded him down in the room where he was raised with his sisters, almost 12 years ago.
He sleeps allot and eats little. Even when hand fed.
His heart beats strong, but his body is failing.

Chewy Failing

At times I wonder if he is losing his sight or just has become lost in the ever-increasing fog.
He does his head roll and tries to cuddle. He'll lick me and clicks to me.
I click back...Mother & Child communication we've done from the first time we met. (1/7/2001)

We cuddle as much as my busy days allow. But always at night, for a long time.
Is this slow retreat better than a surprise demise? I think so.
The universe is giving me time.
Time to be with him.
Time to say how much I love him.
Time to prepare my heart for the loss.
But there will never be enough time.
11/26/12 At 11:56 PM
With a silent shudder and final breath, Chewy left his physical body in my loving arms...and escaped to the Moon.

Full Moon

Oh how my heart aches!

Regina Holding Chewy

I know she misses me too, because she is always talking to me and writing about me:

12/13/12 The Dark Moon is hiding my Chewy tonight. I laid his body in the arms of Gaia today. It is raining; watering the Lantana planted over him. You really are gone, my sweet hare. Gone from my arms. Gone from my sight. But never from my mind.
And never from my heart.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET SPIRIT HARE...Marking your 12th year with loving memories and glowing candle.

**For a while I did hold you, your breath against my face. Gone too soon from my arms, no one can take your place.**
Sleep Sweet Sweet Chewy

Birthday Friendship
Photos show Chewy 1/6/12 with his buddy (on right) "Bubby"
on his 11th birthday sharing his carrot & banana "cake".

This is a scene with the song Bright Eyes, directly from the movie Watership Down. For my Beautiful Chewy and all the Bunnies and Hares that have blessed us with their presence...For all too short a time.

Watership Down - Bright Eyes

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Chewy - The Legend Lives On
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