Sunday and Monday July 23rd and 24th, Desert Cry was slammed with tornadic winds and flooding. Desert Cry was under water for 2 days. Some of our facilities were unsalvagable and had to be torn down.

Extensive Flooding of Property
The tortoise dens were filled with water and the tortoises had to be relocated to other facilities.

Our small female desert tortoise developed an upper respiratory infection (most likely from inhaling water during the storm). She is now living indoors and is treated daily with antibiotics in the hopes that the infection will clear up. See the damaged dens and our step-by-step recovery below.

Tortoise Dens Have Collapsed Flooded Tortoise Dens Redug Homes Created Step by Step Homes were covered in soil and rocks Homes Finally Complete with Happy Tortoises

The jackrabbit enclosure entrance suffered wind and water damage. The structure was leaning precariously and had to held upright with string.
Flooding pic Picture of Volunteers

A complete rebuild of the jackrabbit enclosure is underway, starting with the foundation. See our progress below.

Jackrabbit Flooring Materials New Fencing Materials for Foundation New Foundation with Plastic and Soil

Our Progress:
so far we have been able to:
- retrench the washes that filled with debris and sand from the floodwaters
- rebuild tortoise dens for five tortoises
- do a lot of work in the cat pen by getting rid of wet and moldy wood and rugs, and rebuilding the platform as best we could.

We still have work to do:
- the jack rabbit enclosure located inside the goat area is still falling down.
We are in the process of building a new one so that we can move the Jacks to that area and tear down the old cage. When that is completed the footprint of the old cage will become a retention area for flood water before it reaches the goats.

So, we have done a lot and still have to do a lot.

Thanks to the volunteers and the donations from all of you...
We will!

Thank you all

We have made great progress and appreciate the efforts and donations from the following.

    The Albertson's Safeway Foundation
    Carrie Lynn - San Tan Heights
    Angela and Jamie -Queen Creek
    Nancy Pina- Grey - Phoenix
    Abby and McKinley Anise - Mesa
    Brian link - Phoenix
    Amanda and Jim Tackett - Glendale
    Christina aka Gretchen - Peoria
    Tommy Engle and Bodhi Oshea-Engle - Peoria
    Julia and Houston Purington - Gilbert
    Sue and Larry Blaeser - New York
    Nancy Rogers - Arizona
    Diana Leggett - Texas
    Christina Tice
    Elizabeth Lenzen - Arizona
    Carolyn Denton - Arizona
    Jeanine Carlon - Florida
    Joanne and Joel Kolb - Illinois
    Carol Cummins - Arizona
We are still in need of volunteers and funds to address the shed and drainage issues, as well as finish the rebuilding for other facilities that were affected.
We also sustained damage to facilities for the domestic animals that have sanctuary here. See our DOMESTIC FACILITIES RECOVERY here.

DESERT CRY is funded only by donations from folks like you.
Even a small one can make a big difference.
Please make your tax deductible donation now so that
Desert Cry can continue to

We also welcome donations via US Mail:

34462 N. Lazy Loop
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

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